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Ricoh MP 2553SP Photocopiers
Ricoh MP 2553SP Photocopiers

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Manufacturer: Ricoh

  • Ricoh MP 2553SP

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  • The Ricoh MP 2553SP is a monochrome document handling system with 25 pages per minute printing and copying in rich A4. A3 size is also possible, meaning increased versatility and flexibility is supported for all users with all document requirements. A built-in finisher makes the creation of truly impressive, professional looking documents a simplified task. Also, the interface has been optimised for complete usability, so even the least tech-smart of users in your office will quickly pick up the control system.

    Productivity on the next level

    If you want to bring your productivity to the next level, then the Ricoh MP 2553SP will be a great choice. It is flexible and easily controlled, with a GWNX controller that presents a huge set of improved features. Searchable PDFs are available, so all your scanned and archived documents can be easily located and shared through the machine. Scans always end up where you want them to, thanks to a massive menu of destinations such as FTP, URL,
    NCP, network folder, email and USB.

    Speed from a compact platform

    The Ricoh MP 2553SP warms up in just 15 seconds and delivers your first page in no more than 4.5 seconds. That means you will never have to wait long for those world class documents to hit your out tray. It comes with 25 pages per minute printing speeds too, so once it gets going no time is wasted in tackling your documents.

    Usable, intuitive and very accessible

    Ricoh knows how to design its devices to be used by the maximum number of end users. You do not need experience using similar document handling systems to pick up the controls of the Ricoh MP 2553SP. The interface is incredibly intuitive, meaning even the least tech-smart user can quickly pick up the processes. It even offers animated guides right on the screen, showing you, step-by-step, how to execute even the most complicated jobs.

    Sustainable, cost effective printing

    Environmentally friendly printing, copying and scanning is essential to the modern workplace. You don’t want to overspend on your consumable usage or enhance your carbon footprint with unsustainable practices. The Ricoh MP 2553SP comes with print preview, quota setting and paperless fax, all of which allows you to cut down on paper usage and power consumption. Its Typical Energy Consumption is incredibly small, meaning running costs stay under control.

    Want cost effective and world class document handling? Then call Top4Office and order the Ricoh MP 2553SP.

Key Details

Black & Device B & W Device25 pages per minute 25 pages per minute
Scan Capability Scan CapabilityDuplex Capability Duplex

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Ricoh MP 2553SP Specifications

Power Source 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz
Weight (KG) 62
Dimensions (W x D x H) 587 x 675 x 710mm
HDD 250 GB
Memory 1.5GB Maximum
First Copy Out Time 4.2 seconds
Warm Up Time 15 seconds
Multi-Copying UP to 999 copies

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