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Ricoh MP 2001SP  Photocopiers
Ricoh MP 2001SP  Photocopiers

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Manufacturer: Ricoh

  • Ricoh MP 2001SP

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  • Since its establishment in 1936, Ricoh has blazed a trail through the global hardware market. Over more than seven decades the name Ricoh has become synonymous with innovation, efficiency and high quality. When you install a multifunction printer from Ricoh to your network, it immediately gets to work streamlining the flow of documents that runs through your business. The Ricoh MP 2001SP is a great example of this – a superb All-in-one device, able to integrate with all kinds of software solutions and boasting a fully customisable 4.3 inch touch screen display.

    Enhanced productivity

    When the workflow gets heavy in your office, you simply must have a document handling system that is capable of dealing with your demand. The Ricoh MP 2001SP has been custom engineered to fit with the weight of an intense workflow. Its rapid 20 page per minute print speeds do not slow down under pressure and it warms up in just 20 seconds. The first page is out in 6 seconds, so you never have to worry about slowing down.


    A common complaint you hear from workers in the modern office is that, though it has been designed to aid the workflow, the complex design and control system of much high end hardware is too complicated. So, rather than boost productivity, such machines end up slowing things down. You do not need to worry about this with the Ricoh MP 2001SP, as this MFP has been designed to be easy to use for even the least tech savvy user. It comes with a 4.3 inch touch screen with intuitive controls, allowing users to browse quickly through jobs and functions. Also, a remote management feature diagnoses issues before they become problems.

    Hard Disk Drive

    By adding the optional Hard Disk Drive to your Ricoh MP 2001SP, you open your office up to a superior range of features that can add even more muscle to your workflow. HDD allows you to customise the home screen for every user in the office, creating a more personalised workflow, while files from USB can be previewed before printing, reducing print errors. Also HDD comes with Data Overwrite, keeping your data safe.

    Efficient Document Creation

    Efficient hardware has a positive effect on your company for two reasons. First off, it reduces your carbon footprint. Secondly, it reduces the cost of consumables and power consumption. That’s why the Ricoh MP 2001SP has been kitted out with some of the best energy efficient features on the market.

    The Ricoh MP 2001SP is yet another top class MFP from Ricoh’s world famous range.

Key Details

Black & Device B & W Device20 pages per minute 20 pages per minute
Duplex Capability DuplexA3 Paper Size A3 Paper Size

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Ricoh MP 2001SP Specifications

Warm-up Time 20 Seconds
First output speed 6 seconds
Continuous output speed 20 pages per minute
Memory Standard 1 GB, Maximum 1.5GB
Dimensions (W x D x H) 587 x 568 x 460 mm
Weight 38 kg
Multiple Copying Up to 999 copies
Copy Resolution 600 dpi
Zoom From 50% to 200%
Print Resolution 600 x 600 dpi
Scanning Speed Maximum 50 originals per minute

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