09 Jul 09

Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme

Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme

At Toshiba we are committed to the environment and with the help of carbon offsetting expert's co2 balance and a small donation, we can offset the carbon footprint of your Toshiba MFP plus the first million pages*.

It's clear that human activities are causing the global climate to get significantly warmer; making finding ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions vital - but this is where carbon offsetting can help.

Carbon Offsetting allows for the investment in projects that save the emission of, or absorb, an equivalent amount of CO2 to that of your MFP footprint plus the first million copies*. Through this process the emissions are balanced to become 'Carbon Zero', which allows for positive printing and copying with no detrimental effect on the environment.

Toshiba are supporting a number of Projects in the UK and Developing World to help offset this Carbon, including:

  • The African Energy Efficient Stove Project
  • African Energy Efficient Light Bulb Project
  • Micro Hydro Power Project, China
  • Somercombe Wood Project, UK

All projects supported are aiding registered charities, so as well as helping the environment you are also helping people less well off.

If you have to print/copy, do it with Toshiba and carry out Positive Printing/Copying for a one off fee of 50 pound and make your machine carbon neutral.

To discover more about the Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme why not call one of our friendly sales team on 0800 652 0420.