12 Jun 09

Happy 50th Birthday Photocopiers

Happy 50th Birthday Photocopiers

The success of Top4Office can be attributed to one person, if you go back far enough that is.

In 1959, a staggering 22 years after Chester Carlson first patented the electrophotography process the first office photocopier, the 914, was manufactured and mass marketed to businesses across the globe.

50 years later and the huge range of photocopiers, printers multi-functional devices (MFD's) and scanners available on the market today have come about as a direct result of Mr Carlson's invention and a steady period of evolution throughout the years.

With the advent of digital technologies the humble office photocopier became an intuitive hardware device which seems more at home in the IT arena than its traditional printing press counterpart. As photocopiers evolved to include affordable colour copying, advanced finishing options such as stapling and booklet creation as well as the addition of multi-functional features such as printing and scanning directly to and from a network, modern businesses have lapped up the devices bringing high quality output in house at reduced cost.

At Top4Office we would like to salute Mr Carlson and his wonderful invention that has given rise to a massive array of digital colour photocopiers, duplicators, printers, fax machines, scanners and multi-functional products (MFP's).

Happy Birthday Office Photocopiers!