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Manufacturer: Muratec

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  • Muratec MFX1640c Integra

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  • Brand Muratec
    Model MFX1640c Integra
    Machine Type Multifunctional Copiers
    Digital Copier ? Yes
    Analogue Copier ? No
    Multifunction Copier ? Yes
    Copying Option ? Yes
    Printer Option ? Yes
    Scan Option ? Yes
    Fax Option ? Yes
    Maximum Paper Size A4
    Status Withdrawn
    B & W/Colour Colour Photocopier
    Speed 16
    Colour Speed NA
    Speed Type cpm
    Technology Laser
    Modem Speed 33600/56000
    Duplex ? No
    Maximum Monthly Volume
    Market Segment MFP Copier

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