Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

An Automatic Document Feeder, or ADF, is a device that allows multiple pages to be fed into a scanning device. These are commonly seen on:

  • Fax Machines (almost all fax machines have them)
  • Photocopiers
  • All-in-one Multifunctionals
  • Scanners

It allows a user to feed multiple page documents into a device at once. Many copiers give the choice of placing the document to be scanned directly onto the glass or feeding it in through the Automatic Document Feeder.

The Automatic Document Feeder should not be confused with the Paper Feeder. The Paper Feeder takes the blank paper on to which the device will print, while the Automatic Document Feeder takes the pages of the document that will be scanned for processing. Bear in mind when we talk about "scanning", this does not refer solely to scanners. A fax machine will scan a document in order to fax it and a photocopier will scan a document before printing a copy of it.

Card Reader

A card reader is a device that allows data cards to be used for input. They are commonly found as a part of printers and photocopiers so that cards (such as those found in digital cameras) can be read directly by the device for printing without going via a computer.

Cassette Feeding Unit

A Cassette Feeding Unit is a type of Paper Feeder. It takes the form of a horizontal tray that usually holds up to 500 sheets of paper and has a mechanism for feeding the paper into a device (such as a photocopier or printer), one sheet at a time.


"Consumables" is a general term used to describe the collection of replaceable parts available for devices such as photocopiers, printers and fax machines. These include ink cartridges, toner, drums and staple cartridges.


A drum is a part of a laser-based printing device, such as a photocopier or printer, that works in conjunction with the toner. The drum generates static electricity in order to attract toner and transfer it to the paper.

Duplex Printing

Duplex printing is the process of printing on both sides of a piece of paper. This can be achieved either through the use of a Duplex Unit, which turns the paper over, or by a device which can print on both sides of a piece of paper at the same time.

Duplex Unit

A duplex unit is a device used in some photocopiers or printers to provide the ability to print on both sides of a piece of paper. The duplex unit is the part of the machine that turns the paper over in order for the other side to be printed on.

Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder

A Duplexing Automatic Document Feeder or DADF is a device that allows double sided documents to be fed into a machine such as a photocopier or printer. It provides the ability to feed multi-page documents into the machine and then to turn each page over so that the other side can also be processed.

Fiery (Photocopier Print Server)

Fiery is a type of print server which interfaces with a photocopier. Fiery Print Servers are typically only required for printing on very high volume Mono Photocopiers or for high quality Colour Photocopying/Printing.


A finisher is a part found in some photocopiers and printers. It provides extra features in the final format of the documents produced, such as stapling or duplexing (double-sided printing).

Ink Cartridge

An ink cartridge is a common part of photocopiers, printers and fax machines. It is the (replaceable) part of the device that stores the ink used for printing the devices' output.

Network Printing

Network Printing is the ability to print to a device through a network connection rather than a direct cable connection. This feature is available on many high-end printers, photocopiers and all-in-one multifunctionals. Network Printing allows many users to make use of the same device, as long as they are able to connect to the network and have access to the required software and any security details.

Paper Feeder

A paper feeder is an essential element of a photocopier, printer, fax machine or any other device that needs paper to use for its output. It has two functions: to store the paper that will be used for printing and to feed this paper into the device as it is required.

The two main types of paper feeder employed in copiers, printers and fax machines are:

  • 1. a near-vertical flap against which the paper rests, usually holding up to 30 sheets of paper
  • 2. a horizontal tray with a paper-loading mechanism that will commonly hold up to 500 sheets of paper


PDF or Portable Document Format is a computer file type that is used for storing documents so that they can be transferred from one computer to another, whilst retaining the same appearance. It was originally developed by Adobe and is now an open standard that should soon become an ISO standard. The file includes details of the text, fonts, images and colours used in the document.

Photocopier Leasing (Copier Lease Rental)

Many high-value photocopiers are leased rather than bought outright, which offers a number of advantages. Most copiers are leased over 3-5 years.


1. Quarterly payments to ease cash flow.

2. All lease payments are tax deductible.

Remote User Interface

A Remote User Interface or RUI is a feature provided by high-end photocopiers that allows control of the device across a computer network. This enables features of the device to be accessed without the need for being physically close to it.


Scanning is the process of capturing an image of a document or other paper-based media. Scanning is the way that you convert a document or other paper-based media to an electronic format, which can then be processed in a number of ways. This process is employed by various devices, including:


A scanner will scan a document and convert it into a computer file.

Fax Machines

A fax machine will scan a document before transferring it to another fax machine.


A photocopier employs the scanning process before printing a copy of the document or other paper-based media.

Stapling Unit

A stapling unit is a device that allows the copier or printer to staple documents together. This feature is available with a number of high-end photocopiers and printers. It is used in conjunction with a (replaceable) staple cartridge that holds the staples themselves.

Staple Cartridges

A staple cartridge contains the staples used by a stapling unit. It is a consumable part that is (easily) replaced when empty and used in photocopiers and printers that have a stapling feature.


A toner is the part of a laser-based printing device, such as a photocopier or printer, which contains the powder used to produce the image printed onto the paper. It is melted onto the paper using heat. Toner is almost always provided in replaceable cartridges that differ from one machine to the next.

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